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Our Story Short

We love giving life to good* Ideas. And we breed them as if they were our own. Be it for start-ups or for large companies.

We have worked with internet solutions since 1996 - and helped customers develop their strategies, web concepts, design, marketing, training and education and much more.

We have worked with international companies and global NGO's, Danish companies and institutions and exciting start-up companies.

Since it's early start the Internet has become more mature; it has become easier to launch even complex solutions if you know how to. We know how - and we help you to make the choice that will maximise the outcome of your efforts. This is also why we prefer to agree on a fixed price so that we have the same incentive as our customer.


*To us good ideas are those that do something good for people: It may be Research, Education, Social interactions or ideas that change the way we live and work. This is the kind of ideas we like to engage in with our experience and expertise - to ensure successful realisation.

Neither the designer nor the client is right!

One of the challenges in creating something new is to know what will work in real life. Agile development is praised for the promise to evaluate and adapt during project implementation - unfortunately this seldom happens - often because the solution is not exposed to 'real users' until almost finished.
Building a ride nobody might want

We would like ot make it clear: Our process is agile. We use the scrum methodology. And we like it a lot. The problem we would like to adresse is that you can get much better result by using agile the right way and have the courage to test you assumption on real live users.

Agile development may have dried out the Waterfalls - but you are still building life rafts.

Most often you postpone going live until you have a full version, or you may restrict a user test to only a few to test the real new stuff. One approach demands that you build the entire ship before you realise that people want to fly instead of sailing. The other approach may force you to react on answers the 'real' users would never have dreamt of.

We are much inspired by Lean Startup by Eric Ries. His approach is to focus on the assumptions you are basing your work on and then test them on real users in real-life situations. We recommend our customers to test the basic assumptions and expectation before they start constructing anything at all. It is low cost, you avoid a lot of grievance and frustrations later in the process and you get a real-life understanding of your users' preferences and priorities.

As an example you could run a Google Adworks campaign directing your target audience to a straight forward sign-up page. In this way you can test your key messages, test if you hit the right target group and test how many of these actually sign up. When your web site (or App) is launched, you can test the modules one by one, where you expose one version (a) to half of the population and another version (b) to the other half. Based on user statistics you select the optimal solution.

So we recommend a fast launch for REAL (paying) customers and continuous testing of functionalities and messages.


We aim at helping our customers from the birth of the idea and until the solutions is embraced by enthusiastic users. Often this demands strategical analysis, design, specifications, marketing and implementation of new internal processes.

Business Modeling
We facilitate a flow to identify and map possible business models and help to put life to the one(s) chosen.

Concept Development
We help to visualize your idea so you can test it and communicate the message.

Design and UX
We develop the principles for the user experience and the framework for the design. By fixing these early on errors and costs otherwise incurred later on are greatly reduced.

Product Marketing
We help to develop communication material to communicate purpose and value of your solution – both to internal and external users. We assist sales teams to present their messages effectively.

Editorial tasks
We can offer assistance to develop internal editorial processes or on an ongoing basis create content for your web site. We are working with communications specialists that are able to develop high value written material – or videos.

Project Management
We offer Project Management. Prince2 certified as well as SCRUM masters.

Drupal and Wordpress
We develop solutions based on open source platforms such as Drupal and Wordpress – or static HTML5 pages where this will give the most value for money. Wordpress will typically be a preferred choice for a simple site with frequent updates, and Drupal where we are looking at more complex solutions.

Mobile Apps
We develop Apps to iPhone and Android. We are working seriously with location aware solutions that provide the users with targeted messages depending on the actual position.

We develop and run campaigns merging the virtual and the real World. As an example we have produced videos to assist in complex change management processes.

When we combine strategic management consulting, attractive design and the ability to put ideas to life we create real value for our customers. Fast!

Latest blog posts

Søren write about eGovernment, eHealth and other topics that are part of our changing digital world. (some in danish)
Kommunerne på Facebook
Facebook i den offentlige sektor "Få jer en Facebook profil!"

Det var titlen på en kronik i Politiken tirsdag den 30.juli, der kritiserede de danske kommuner fordi kun 7% af de mere end 3 mio danske Facebook-brugere også følger deres kommune på Facebook.
Det er en klar kontrast til oplysningerne om, at hver 3. af landets 98 kommuner faktisk ER på Facebook.

12. August 2013
Vækst via Velfærdsteknologi?

I januar nedkom Vækstteamet under ledelse af Allan Søgaard Larsen, Falck, med en række anbefalinger til hvordan Danmark kan udnytte vores styrkepositioner indenfor sundhed og velfærdsteknologi til at opnå øget vækst og beskæftigelse.

Det var et af 8 'vækstteams' som Regeringen havde nedsat for at finde potentiale i områder som miljø, fødevarer, oplevelsesøkonomi, IKT og digitalisering m.v.

27. Juni 2013
Demokratiet i D-land

Den 31. august 2011 afholdt DANSK IT's tænketank Danmark 3.0 en konference om demokratiet i en digitaliseret fremtid. Nu 2 år efter vil det være passende at tage et check på hvor udviklingen er på vej hen, især i lyset af at Venstres IT-ordfører, Michael Åstrup Jensen, fik bremset det lovforslag, som regeringspartierne havde fremsat og som gik ud på at gøre det muligt at afholde forsøg med elektroniske valg. (Se f.eks. bloggen fra Anders Sparre)...

15. Maj

A Few of Our Projects

Below you will find samples of some of the projects we have worked with our customers to put to life. The references cover cases we have solved on individually or through our Duus PS partnership and aim to display the diversity of projects.

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Good point enable creation without borders - How Can We Maximize the Potential of Learning Apps? http://blogs.kqed.org/mindshift/2014/01/how-can-we-maximize-the-potential-of-learning-apps/ … via @MindShiftKQED

5. Februar

Good read. Flat UI and Forms http://alistapart.com/article/flat-ui-and-forms … via @alistapart

16. Januar

Obama Honors Teachers Who Bring Tech To Classroom http://flip.it/6QXvb

27. November

Management team

Vi er en netværksorganisation bestående af partnere, medarbejdere, faste samarbejdspartnere og freelancere. Med den struktur kan vi tilbyde den bedste kvalitet og den største fleksibilitet for vores kunder.
Anders Duus Østergaard,
                            Founder & CEO
Anders Duus Østergaard (CEO)
Design, Concept, Development and Marketing

Has worked with concept development and user centric design & usability since early 90'is. A specialist in turing technology to human value. Has worked a lot with social media.

Søren Duus Østergaard, Founder and CFO
Søren Duus Østergaard
Strategy, eGovernment, ePrivacy & eSecurity
Has worked with strategy development and deployment of technology since 1970. Lecturer of eGovernment and Digital Governance at the IT University in Copenhagen. Advisor to EU and others.

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